Thursday, August 10, 2006

The best birthday ever

It was about 7:15 am on August 10, 1993. I was enjoying sleeping in and not having to work at 7-11. Yes, it builds character to work at a 7-11.

My mom rapped on my door and I was rousing and upset that she was disturbing my morning sleep away from lotto sales and 24 oz. tar like coffee that the Rooster had made the night before.
She came in and said the best words I would ever hear..."are you ready to see your birthday present?" I jumped out of bed so fast! Why you may little sister was 9 months pregnant and was in labor in the hospital!

I ran to the bathroom and got ready as fast as I can remember! We took off to the hospital and found Holly and Hokey walking around attached to an IV. It really was happening!

We watched the Flinstones and tried to make Holly laugh. We ate bad cafeteria food and made her throw up. About 2:30, it was time...we all got ready and then in a matter of about 20 minutes, the best birthday present of all time was born. David Brent Hoekman. He was so cute. Holly's first words were "he looks like a turtle" as we all cried and marveled at his beautiful face and red hair.

He had perfect features and from that moment, I knew that my birthday would never be the same and I'm so grateful.

That birthday, my dad locked his keys in his car trying to get to the hospital and I had red velvet cake in the hospital that Kathy McCrory made for me.

It truly will be the best birthday ever and one that I hope I will always remember. Brent, I love you and am proud to share a birthday with you - and I will always, always be your best pal!


Lori said...

Thank you for sharing that story. I loved it.
Happy Birthday!
Your SS

Anonymous said...

Scot F. says....
Ok you made me cry - he is a special boy...

Katie said...

I hope you had a great birthday and found some time to relax and do something fun! Lisa and I are taking you out next week to celebrate properly :)

mother of brent said...

You are such a good sharing girl to share your birthday with Brent. You were so awesome in the delivery room, holding my hand. I couldn't have done it without you! You forgot the part where I yelled at you guys for watching the A-team. I love you! Happy Birthday!

Hillary said...

I remeber the Flinstone's episode we were watching was the one where Fred and Wilma had ironic!!

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