Thursday, August 17, 2006

Go Royal

Last night I had dinner with CW & Scot F. It was fun. Lora cried because she wanted to go to China. It was funny!

I was driving into my complex and noticed a lot of furniture near the dumpster. It was clear that someone had moved out and left all their junk by the dumpster for pick up. I noticed what I thought looked like a cash register, which I thought was odd.

I parked my car and went to investigate. I walked over, under cover of darkness, and saw the most beautiful Royal 9150 Cash Management system, complete with keys, cords, and a user manual! I took it and it's now in my house awaiting usage. I've always wanted my own cash register and now I have one! It is sitting on my hearth and I can't wait to try it out. I may donate it to Mosaic...or to my Sunday School kids as they would think it was fun too.

I realize that I am strange for getting excited over a cash register - but it's fun! I may set up my own store - who knows!


TheologyMom said...

Bring it over...let's play store or restaurant!!!

Lori said...

you crack me up!
i love digging through stuff that people have thrown out! that's where we got our nightstands.

Katie said...

Too funny! You could run a business out of your car selling cheap trinkets or something :) You could just drive around with your cash register soliciting people on the street!

Scot f said...

Scot F. you have your register for the children's church store - you can be known as the store lady and wear goofy hats - and say - aren't you a cute little thing...and pinch cheeks...

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