Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Last day in Shanghai

I am sad this will be my last post from this wonderfully vibrant (and hot) city. I will remember this experience, the students, the people, the food, the shopping and of course the heat for years to come!

Today we had Shanghai street dumplings for lunch. They were as authentic as one could get. They fry them over a huge fire in a huge cast iron wok and they are one of the world's best tasting foods! I also had some chicken wings fried over open fire as well. It was about .80 cents for four dumplings.

I will miss this special city and am glad to come home to those I love. I have a final interview on Friday for the RCS job and am praying for a good outcome!

See you all soon! I have prizes for all so you might want to invite me to dinner :-)


Scot F. said...

scot f. says...I once went to Hong Kong and was with someone who had lived there for a long time -I wanted to stop at a street vendor and buy some dumplings - he had two big barrel fire grills things - I asked my guide what the difference was - he pointed to the first one and said that one is heppatitis A and then the next - and that one is heppatitis b - praying for your safe return - and would love to see you on Friday - or for sure on Sunday - can't wait we have missed you - and we have a four year old today - I am a sap and cried last night as I hugged him and told him it was the last time I would hug the 3 year old little boy..but then I think that he might be in kindergarten next year and I must travels to you..still a chance to use your wordless books -

Big Red said...

I am so happy that you have had this experience! At the same time I am so happy to have you home again. I MISS YOU! Have safe travels!

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