Sunday, August 27, 2006

Holy Tripe

Yes, I tried tripe and jellyfish. I also had eel today for lunch. It's very fishy and I would not recommend it. It tastes like anchovies.

Yesterday (Saturday) I went by myself to the Dongzhu Antique market. I got some really cool things - totally worthless I'm sure but they are cool and mom will like them. We also went to the black market - fun and scary! Back rooms that we had to sneak in and out of - very black market like. I got an LV for about $ looks real watch out!

Today we went to an ancient River Town - it's kind of like a Chinese Venice only poorer and way more tourist trap. It was fun but about 45/c or 100 degrees in the shade. I do not think I have ever sweat that much.

Tomorrow (Monday) we go to General Electric for a tour and then on Tuesday, US Bank in Shanghai. I leave on Thursday and do not want to think about it.

Tell Lora that Xi Gua (She-Gwa) means Watermelon in Chinese...and that I did see both Saguaw and Sheegwa and they looked mangi and not nearly as "neat" as on television.

Bye for now! I'll try to write more later...going to Starbucks now as I like to give the locals something to stare at!


magaw said...

I'm proud of you for trying new things. This is the girl who won't eat a tomato? Keep the Imodium handy!!How is the camera working?

other said...

What?? you didn't go to church today???

Hillary said...

Dad...always comes in with the zinger! 45 degrees Celsius is like 113 degrees Fahrenheit! Welcome to my world! I am so glad that you are having a good time, and I too am proud of you for venturing on your own. I think if it was me I would just hang at Starbs. all day. Although, the thought of a cheap LV might spur me on! Love you!!

Lisa said...

Sounds like a great time, i'm proud of you also for all the new things you are trying. You can't give me a bad time about by LV now!
Looking forward to more details when you return.

TheologyMom said...

Yeah, Hillary, but yours is a dry heat...much different! Ha, Ha! I also am proud of you for trying new things, I ate Sea Cucumber when I was in Hong Kong, that is as brave as I got...good for you. We all miss you!

Hillary said...

Unfortunately, I wish it was a dry heat however, yesterday it was 115 degrees with 100% humidity! NO JOKE!! I was really shocked that it got humid here.

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