Friday, August 18, 2006

What to do??? Help!

So today I emailed the woman from Rainier Christian Schools and told her what salary I could live with - I knew they could not meet it, so felt pretty safe.

However, she emailed me back and said that I was her top candidate and that if I emailed her when I got back from China, she wants to discuss this with me and thinks she could meet my request.

YIKES! I promissed not to complain on the blog anymore about my job - so I won't tell you how bad today was - or that none of my managers said "have a good trip" and in fact one said "see you Monday" and I said "ok"!

Maybe it is time to go - maybe it is time to give my talents to a school that may really need it - not that I'm so awesome, but they might think I am and I could use that.

I am open to thoughts, threats, and any ideas you all may have...thanks.


Hillary said...

Dude...I have three words for you...five minute commute!

Big Red said...

Hello??? Did I hear you correct? You told them what you can live with and they want to give it to you? I am not sure why you are questioning it? Are you fearful of leaving or do you feel like you are settling? If the money is enough for you to live off of and you get to go to a place where you are WANTED - I am not sure why you are waiting?

Red Letter girl said...

Big Red is wise beyond her years. Thanks...

the middle one said...

I second what big red said. I mean, doy?

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