Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Paul strikes again

One of my favorite NT authors (CW is rolling her eyes!) has written in Philippians 2 that
"your attitude should be that of Christ Jesus"

I was reading this passage yesterday and realized that I have attitude issues. It's not even close to that of Christ Jesus.

I've been struggling with this since being told at work that I have a bad attitude and my defense to that is trying to put an action on a bad attitude. "Tell me...what does my bad attitude look like" or "give me an example please?"

But...that's a cop out...I know it's there and I know when I bring it out. I do it to some of my very best friends, to my family and even Brent & Ellie. I do not like this part of my personality and ask to be held accountable by who ever would be willing.

We get to choose how we respond to any given situations and I know we've all heard that before, but it really is true. When every other freedom has been taken away, our choice of how to respond still remains. I hope to remember that and broadly apologize to those who I have offended.


middy sissy said...

I think that it is a hard struggle when your attitude is part of your personality. How do you carve that out and change it? Ellie is the same way. Her sassiness, and sometimes naughtiness, is a trait of who she is. I've been trying since the womb to chill that child out. Lest I remind you of the constant morning sickness and hard labor & delivery. I knew from the start that she would be a challenge.

Remember when we were little and we'd say something do dad like, "You made me cry!" And dad would say, "No, I didn't. You chose to cry." He was right and it just made me madder. With the stories you have told me about work you have a right to be totally T.O.'d. But what if you weren't? What if you just decided that you weren't going to be bitter or upset about it anymore? Easier said then done.

Anonymous said...

Scot F. says - way to call yourself out. I agree with middy sissy - what if you just decided - hey I am going to let this one go. I do think we can change- I was such a worrier when I was younger. To the point of getting physically sick. I really worked on it and prayed about it and find myself going down that path again sometimes - and have to choose to go down a different one- practice has helped - sometimes it is not our choosing - (thanks KA) but rather our reaction to things in life - and I think God can help modify our reactions to life - our God is God of possibilities - proud of you for owning up - and I for one will be on your accountability list.

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