Sunday, November 19, 2006

An Attitude of Gratitude

Today was our Harvest Sunday. I was surprisingly into it - as it's not my thing (yet), but I prayed the the Spirit would open my heart and mind to feeding those that may not get enough to eat. There were a lot of people! There were men, women and even children, which I do not do well with poor kids at all.

There were two twin A.A. boys Tevin and Kevin and they went through my line. I really liked them and pray that they are in a good situation. It's hard at these events to establish a relationship so I tried to do that with the Vietnamese serving partners. Over all, it was a great Sunday - so full of energy and made me thankful that the Lord has blessed me.

This is a week to be thankful and I'm very thankful for a niece and nephew that were willing to help serve food, even if it was uncomfortable, my friends that know me and how hard this day was - I'm grateful for "fellow traveler's" and eye rollers!
I'm so happy to walk this road together!


Anonymous said...

I too loved church today! I loved all the extra bodies..the art...the eye rolling. You can always count on my for that.

Anonymous said...

Dude, first of all, LOL on the today's blog title. I'm rolling. I tuned in today because I wanted to know how you did today at the function. I prayed for you because I know it is difficult. I'm proud of you. Thanks for being a good role model for my kids. Perhaps someday their mother will get it in gear and be a good example for them like you are. Maybe a New Year's resolution for me.

Red Letter girl said...

I just want someone to sit with in church!! It's lonely sometimes...I think you have it in gear-just need an outlet and I think you will LOVE Mosaic...

I love you and your journey and am proud of you!

magaw said...

Hey - I'm proud of you too. It's always scary to step out of your comfort zone. I also appreciate you sharing your example with B and E. I remember many times when the thing that kept me from making a bad decision was the example of my parents and siblings. It's crucial, especially when they are this age.

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