Saturday, November 25, 2006

Procrastination II - the sequal

Once again, I'm supposed to be writing a paper and am looking for any way to not do it. It is so close to being done too - I'm not sure what internal force drives me to buy shoes online, watch football, blog, watch old CSI's I've Tivo'd - anything to not write this dang paper. Get with close. Now I'm looking at a cookbook...maybe I want to make something...

My Christmas elves were hard at work this morning while I was asleep and someone in my family will be happy at their endeavors. Thank you, thank you elves! I owe you a CFS dinner!


magaw said...

It's because your house is all clean and you feel you deserve a reward. Besides, life is more exciting when you live on the edge!

TheologyMom said...

Sorry, we've been bad friends...I've been sick since vacation....we miss you. I text'd you on TG, did you get it?

Red Letter girl said...

I was just singing "where oh where is my friend Christa where oh where is my friend Christa..." then you wrote! I'm sorry you were sick...missed you today. I did get your text - hope lil' black Sambo's was good!

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