Thursday, November 09, 2006

Happy Birthday Juicy!

I was going to blog about the doctrine of "Entire Santification" today, but it's D.J. Juicy's birthday so HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

BTW - Juicy got his name when we were at Mark's birthday and Lora went around the room naming everyone sitting there - when she got to David Mier she said "and you're Juicy!"

So, thanks to Lora, the name stuck!!

Happy birthday my friend! Glad to know ya!


Red said...

Your awesome - Juicy just called and I was able to share this with him.

By the way, my niece Braeden gave him that name a few years ago, but the funniest thing is that Lora did do that and so it was like a confirmation from the child of a holy man. The writing was on the wall.

He will forever be Juicy D.

Lori said...

i always wondered where that name came from...i love it!

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