Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Get out the vote

I exercised my freedom as a US citizen today and went to the library. I was checked in by someone who did not speak English very well, but she was younger than most of the poll judges so it's nice to see some diversity.

Sojourners had a really well written voting guide called Voting God's Politics. It had some key points to remember when casting a vote for candidate or issue.

1. Compassion and economic justice
Isaiah 65:21-23

2. Peace and restraint of violence
Matthew 5:9

3. Consistent Ethic of Life
Genesis 2:7

4. Racial Justice
Galatians 3:28

5. Human Rights, dignity and gender justice
Genesis 1:27

6. Strengthen Families and renew culture
Romans 12:2

7. Good stewardship of God's creation
Psalm 24:1

We will not establish the Kingdom of God today. It is not on the ballot. You can vote to strengthen the common good.

Read more at www.sojo.net

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