Saturday, November 04, 2006

I hate it when old people fall

I was at Brent's soccer game today. It was pouring rain and I was running with Ellie to the car and I thought that I could take a chain barrier like a hurdler but my foot got caught on the chain and I went tumbling. I tried to catch myself but fell flat on my face and then, in dramatic fashion, went on my back with all fours in the air. Mind you it's pouring rain.

It took two very kind men to help me up and one grabbed my car key and umbrella that went flying. It was very nice of them. They kept asking if I was o.k. and I just said I'm wet and embarrassed. After Ellie's initial shocked look, she could not stop laughing. It didn't hurt really until now, when I looked at my knee and my head is aching.

It's funny to fall as an adult. I'm sure I looked graceful but it really does hurt and then you are not quite sure how to get up. I was hoping that nobody saw, but it was a parking lot full of players/parents and spectators.

Fun times.


Lori said...

that sucks...i'm glad you survived the fall.
i was playing basketball with the teens at church when i was home and i totally wiped out on a slick spot on the floor. it was really embarrassing. and being that i came the closest i've ever come to doing the splits (which mind you, is not very close) it kind of hurt!

juicy said...

I got cussed out today by an elderly person,that kinda sucked!!!!

Mark said...

ok - stumbled on funny website - give it a chance -

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