Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Today was a snow day for us and I was watching daytime T.V. If you know me, you know my least favorite show is "The View" - I have not watched a lot of them, but the ones I have watched I didn't like. Anyway, today I started watching it and it was featuring foster kids and how to adopt.

Needless to say..I cried all the way through and wondered what it would be like for me to adopt a child. I don't know what to feel or how to feel, but I really feel like the Holy Spirit leading me in this direction somehow..I don't have all the answers, I don't know what it means, I am poor...and live in a tiny house...but I do know when the Lord brings ideas and thoughts into my heart, I need to listen.

Mom, don't flip out...really...I'm praying about this and have asked my friends and my powerful prayer warrior sisters to pray and would ask everyone who reads this to pray with me. This little boy is available...his name is Lrae and he lives in a foster home in Oregon..there are so many! Check out www.adoptuskids.org to see more.

Pray with me...I can think of a milliiiiiiiiiiion reasons NOT to do this...but the Lord is speaking loudly and I can't ignore it anymore!


TheologyMom said...

We watched the show also and were so struck by the beautiful children and HOW MANY kids are in foster care...it is outrageous!

I think you should go for it! You are great with kids and should be a mom...we will pray.

I was also struck by how many "alternative" families adopt kids, be it single, same sex, older with grown biological kids. I think its wonderful that someone cares about these kids and am sad that we, in the church, are critical of these families when we, in the church, aren't willing to adopt them ourselves...including me. I would not be surprised if Mark and I were foster parents at some point in our lives, right now, I have too many fears about how it will affect the two that we already have so God will have to deal with me if we are supposed to do it.

All that to say, I think you should go for it!

Hillary said...

Dude, before I even read your blog today...I was thinking last night about you and that you should adopt a little kid. I have goose bumps right now! The HS works even in Kuwait!! Love you, and this idea.

Red Letter girl said...

Well get home and help me raise him! It takes a village!

Anonymous said...

I say go for it. You were meant to be a mom and you'd be a great one. The need for adoption is so great right now because of the whole Meth problem. I'll be there to help out. Love you.

ladybug said...

I think you will make a great mom! I know a couple of single people who have adopted....families come in all shapes and sizes! Praying with you....

Life Unresolved said...

You have so much to offer. This is such a life altering decision, but what a blessing for you to know and experience motherhood. To be able to mesh your life with a child in need of someone who loves them, and for you to experience selflessness on a whole new level. We are in prayer with you!

ariah fine said...

Don't know you, but I think considering adoption is great. I also think it's a serious decision that needs to be considered as a major life change, especially if you are going to adopt transracially.

Lot's on that topic to consider

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