Saturday, August 25, 2007

Bad attitude = Flat tire

I worked a special event at Mo today. While it was fun to be with Mark & Christa, I had a bad attitude about the people I was to serve. Partly because I worked 8 hours...after working all week and I have the kids and they are stressful (not bad, just added stress). It was wrong and I was wrong and as I was beating myself up on the way home, I realized that my wheel was pulling a little to the right. I thought that was odd and then even more odd, that I couldn't keep my car on the road.

I picked up the phone to call my brother-in-law to see what could be causing this and a guy drove up beside me and mouthed the words every single woman driving home alone down Interstate 5 wants to hear: "you have a flat!" DAMN.

I called my dad first, not sure why, maybe I needed to hear the buck-up speech and I also needed the Triple A phone number. I called Triple A and text messaged Adair & Kat. Just for moral support. Adair was eating and didn't answer for two hours (thanks...I could have been killed!) and Kat answered right away and was ready to send Juicy D out to rescue me. She couldn't leave, you see, as the Seahawks were beating Minnesota! (Sweet home Alabama!).

After one very nice Vietnamese gentleman stopped to help me with his broken English, Triple A arrived within 20 minutes and not even 10 minutes later, I had my full sized spare on and ready to go. I love AAA! If you don't have it...get it! It's well worth the 60/year as evidenced today!

Just remember my little story when you want to have a bad attitude. Not only do you lose jewels in heaven, you get flat tires on earth!! Lesson learned.


Red said...

Now listen, I would have sacrificed my boys to come out and rescue you. Juicy asked me to ask you if you wanted him to come out. I would have been with him...(sweet home alabama just would have been playing in the car.) THURSDAY NIGHT BABY - WE HAVE A DATE WITH THE RAIDERS! COME READY - David wants to know if you want him rowdy enough to just get in a fight, or to get kicked out of the stadium. your choice...

Wiseman said...

If it really worked that way - then your car would have blown up. ....just kidding...

Red Letter girl said...

Yeah, my attitude was bad enough to have my car blow up. I will admit that. But, thank goodness for GRACE huh?

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