Friday, August 10, 2007

The day of my birth

38 years ago today....geez. Who ever thought I would be this old!? I remember when I was young, calculating how old I would be when we got to the year 2000 - I thought that was so old!

My 24th birthday was probably the was about 7:30 am and I had a day off from my stellar job as 7-Eleven clerk when my mom came in my room to tell me that my birthday present was about to arrive! I leaped out of bed and could barely wait to get to the hospital. Then at 2:50 pm the little red-headed boy, who would change me from merely a sister and a daughter to an aunt, was born. He was so cute and such a good baby. It is a title I proudly hold and he is an amazing boy - young man. I am so blessed.

I got to spend some time today with my mom - and she baked me a red velvet cake - just like the day Brent was born. Kathy McCrory brought me a red velvet cake to the hospital. It's kind of a tradition.

Mom and I saw Harry Potter - it was great. Then I took my cake to work at Mosaic - got a new apron from CW and family and it's so cute!! I got two compliments on it from customers. I love it!

Hillary worked with me - it was really fun - we had a band Quiet by 10, and then Adair and her husband came. I was able to share cake with all of them and even Tammy, the homeless lady who is a fixture at Mo...she asked me what day it was and wished me happy birthday. She loved the cake - ate the whole piece. Thanks mom, for letting me share my birthday with her. It meant a lot.

Tomorrow is Ajax - a great family tradition! I'm's late and I am old.

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Brent said...

hey palla. i can't wait till i see you today! Grandma and Grandpa are here now! Thanks so much for writing all those nice things about me! I love you!

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