Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Just like Jesus

Today is my mom's birthday. I tried to think of something really witty to blog about her...but I couldn't. I think it may be partially exhaustion, partially lack of wit.

I had a good friend tell me today that there was nothing...NOTHING...(in my past or otherwise) I could do that would ever make her not love me or be my friend - and that is how I think of my mom. Believe me, I've tested this...and it's true. She makes me a better person for being with her because she loves me like Jesus. She shows me his love, in person, everyday and I believe that God puts us the lonely in families and I am SO glad he put me in mine! MOM, it was YOU who are just like Jesus...this whole time I thought it was Dad!!!

I love you mom and am so glad you were born. I hope you live as long as Granny!


magaw said...

Thank you, Honey. I am humbled.

TheologyMom said...

I agree with you...your mom is a saint and I'm glad to know her and glad that she was born if only so she could have had you and you could become my friend. (Thank you granny welch for the hook up)...Happy Birthday Mimi, you are such a fun, kind person and you have really great kids too!

Red said...

Happy Birthday Magaw! I hope that your day is as special as you are!

Red Letter girl said...

you guys all make me cry. thanks alot...at work even! Oh well, I cry a lot here.

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