Wednesday, August 01, 2007

20 things to do in August

It's August...the dog days of Summer are upon us and I have a few things I would like to do in the month of August...

1. Sit outside on my deck-enjoying my huge fuchsia hanging basket
2. Finish the Great Purge of '07
3. See my very wise and oh so cute middle sister once or twice
4. Endure Family Camp (I can do it...I can do it...)
5. Watch the Seahawks
6. Hang out with my favorite niece and nephew
7. Go to Ajax Cafe
8. Turn 38
9. Be kind to others
10. Eat CW's sloppy joes - or banana puddin'
11. Get homework done before it's due
12. Walk 10,000 steps a day (I need a pedometer that works)
13. Finally finish Harry Potter
14. See the Blue Angels and almost wet my pants
15. Watch Hokey hit a homer
16. Buy one pair of shoes
17. Remember where I was at 2:50 pm, August 10th 1993. THE BEST day of my life
18. Watch a movie with Humpy and Hillary, eating Frankies (while waiting for Phil & Ders to come home)
19. Have an intense theological discussion with my dad
20. Remember that August 28th, 1944 was one of the best days God could have bestowed upon me and I wasn't even around yet! (Happy b-day maam!)

I think I can do these things - some better than others. Any other ideas for the month of August?? What are you going to do?


middle sister said...

You can do #3, 6, and 14 this Sunday at Perrigo Park in Redmond or next Tuesday night at Russell Road Park in Kent. Your choice!

P.S. Thanks for calling me wise & cute! Love ya!

the mag said...

I, too, would love to do #3, 6, and 14, but, alas, I will be at Granny's until Sunday night. I almost thought I was forgotten in your list, thanks for the tribute. Can't wait to go to Ajax.

Mark said...

Go shopping for Marks birthday which is on Sept 3rd - so the entire month of August could be dedicated to finding that just right thing I can't live without...
I think you should take a ride with a Blue Angel - now that would be exciting...

RED said...

Um no where on your list did you mention my wonderful husband or me..... are we dogged for the month of Aug?

Red Letter girl said...

Listen Red...You, me, Juicy, Raiders...August 30th! BE THERE

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