Thursday, October 04, 2007

Ask the football girl

Yes friends, your favorite column is back...ask the football girl. I will answer any and all football questions, right here, right now. Unless there's a game on.

Let's get going!

Dear F.G.
What are the four ways a runner's progress can be stopped?
Signed, Rookie

Dear Rookie,
This is a great question - for a rookie. Just playin'. A runner's advancement down the field can be stopped in 4 ways;
1. His forward movement is stopped (by tackle)
2. He is down by rule (he has knee, leg, butt, any body part except hand or foot on the ground)
3. He steps out of bounds, and finally,
4. He fumbles the ball out of bounds.

Keep the questions coming kids. There's a lot of football to go!!


Anonymous said...

Dear F.G.,

What is up with the trend of long haired players? Can't they pull their hair to help with the tackle?

Likes men with short to no hair

RED said...

He He- isn't "likes men with short to no hair" funny? :) wink

Red Letter girl said...

Dear anonymous...

Personally, I enjoy the advantage it gives either line to do some real hair pullin damage.

I also will refer you to the very refined and nice looking braid of one T.J. Houshmandzadeh of the Cincinnati Bengals. It is the epitomy of tamed long hair.

Question for you like your man man-scaped? Interesting...

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