Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Goodbye little Flower

After three years of watching Meerkat Manor, tonight's episode was very sad. Flower passed away. She was the matriarch of the Whisker's clan and raised several litters of pups, including Shakespeare (who died in Season 2), Mitch, Mozart & Izzy. She was an amazing leader and kept her family together despite difficult circumstances, wayward daughters and drought. Also in tonight's episode, she took in a little Zappa pup that had lost its way Normally, Flower would have killed a rival gangs pup, but in this case, she spared little Axel's life. It is a very interesting culture.

She died of a Cape Cobra snake bite. The cobra was lurking in the babysitting burrow threatening Flower's new born pups. The Meerkats use a technique called "mobbing" to try and scare the snake. However, since the snake was in their burrow, Flower had to go into the burrow, alone and try to find the snake. She went below, and was bitten in the head. Her head swelled up and she died rather quickly, laying in the front of her burrow.

Life is tough in the Kalahari.

You can get seasons one & two on Netflix or at Blockbuster and I encourage anyone to watch this excellent show. It's a great tribute to family and I think how God imagined a family to be-even in the animal kingdom.

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magaw said...

I'm so sad. I hate the "law of the jungle". It is indeed a great show, even though I'm still mourning Shakespere. Save your Tivo so I can watch it, since I'm at Granny's on Fridays and haven't been able to watch this season.

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