Sunday, October 07, 2007

Please Pray this week

Sunday's are a tough night for me. It's really more my perception of how my friends and family view Sunday night - a real family time. A time when the week's preparations are made and just being together. I get really lonely, for some reason, on Sunday nights.

This week will be tough for my friends at SFC. Not tough in a bad way, but hard and stressful and tiring. It is the 100th anniversary celebration of the organization of this local parish. It's an exciting time as this place has been through many ups and downs and now, I feel, we're really on a journey together that can be life changing. It's an exciting time.

I'm also praying for my family. My folks especially. I'm praying also for some good opportunities for them monetarily. The Lord is so faithful, I know that for a fact. However, I also know that we need money in our checkbooks. I know he will provide a way for my parents - but praying for their needs and their blessing.

Thanks for joining me in this this week. If there is anything I can specifically pray for you - please feel free to share. This week I will pray for strength for Mark & Christa, money for my mom & dad and a good opportunity. I pray for myself as well. This desert is hard. NO NEW shoes for sure!! Pray for Phil and his safety and H&H and their return to Seattle after lounging in Florida for a week. Lucky.

Thanks for praying for me and those I love.

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Mark said...

I am praying!

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