Friday, October 12, 2007

Football Friday

Yes friends, it's another football Friday. As we all bow our heads and get ready for non-stop football it's time for your favorite segment: Ask the Football Girl!

Dear FBG:
What exactly is the West Coast Offense?
Signed: Eastsider

Dear Eastsider,

The West Coast Offense (WCO) is really a misnomer. The explosive system originated in Cincinnati by the late Bill Walsh who brought it to the West Coast in the late 60's.

Basically, the WCO relies on passing first - then running. These passes are not your deep slot routes run by one guy all the way down the field. They are typically shorter passes (5-10 yards) and the routes can be run by a wide-receiver, tight end or running back. Therefore, instead of a single deep threat, an offense now has several shorter plays to run - and several offensive threats in the arsenal. It relies heavily on a quarterback who is accurate, but not necessarily strong.

Over the years, each team has developed their own version of Walsh's WCO, but any deviation from a typical slot receiver and two back offense may use pieces or parts of the WCO. It is fun to watch!

If you watch the Hawks this weekend, you'll see a lot of WCO - Hasselback uses his Tight Ends, RB's and short pass receivers very well in this plot. Watch for it this weekend.

Keep those questions coming! Game face on!

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Guest Guesser Loser said...

I kept looking for the Seahawks, but they didn't show up!

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