Sunday, October 14, 2007

'Tis a Glorious Church

This weekend was my church's 100th anniversary. It was full of pageantry and splendor...not really but close. The music was awesome and the speaker gets the Gospels - I even told him so after the service. I could not stop crying and it could very well be from the conviction in my evil hard heart.

I am going to share a conviction I had during today's service...which was AWESOME..can't say it enough. As I'm standing there, crying uncontrollably, the Lord proceeds to say to me "I brought you here to do a good work in you and for you...and you #*&% all over it by how you treat people?"

Now, mind you, that was not a direct quote. I doubt God says the "S" word...but I got the message loud and clear. He brought me there - through a series of events and I can't stop crying about the story He is telling since I've been there. The story of Lora and MO and he is crying out to do a good work for us and in us and I need to remember that. My heart was changed today. It won't be perfect...and I will continue to stumble and deal with my mistrust or dislike of others until HE is perfected in my heart.

Thank you for the 100 years and that I get to be a small piece of the next 100!


The Magster said...

Thanks for making ME cry and wish I could have been there.

TheologyMom said...

It was a great know that i love you no matter what, and I know you have a soft center under that hard candy shell...I just like for other people to see it too...

You are one of the most generous, loving people I know, you have show that to me and my family over and over again...and to others, some who don't even know it.

But I love that you are also open to everything God has for you and pray that He continues to mold you into His I pray that for myself also! :)

Anonymous said...

When God convicts, He does this with a loving hand of grace, and a slap on the face. Your life has touched people you will never even meet. Living a life of "Unconditional Love" is a huge challenge. Keep smiling!! You are loved!!

Red Letter girl said...

Thanks are wise beyond your years.

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