Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Don't'll find a man

One of the joys/downsides of working in Xtian ministry is devotions every morning. We started with Oswald Chambers book My Utmost for His Highest...but it was too "taxing" for some so we switched to a Max Lucado book. Talk about taxing. It's all in perception I suppose.

Today, in devotions, we were talking about my bosses daughter. She is a junior in college and her boyfriend called their house last night to ask her dad (my boss) if he could ask her to marry him. Bra bra bra...(blah blah blah). So, my boss has another daughter who is more interested in changing the world than in men and really has a hard time with men in general. Just has a higher expectation than most can live up to. He's told stories about this daughter and she has a personality a lot like mine (from what I can tell) and she's older than this newly engaged daughter.

I responded to this great news of the morning by saying "poor Hannah...this might be tough for her." And my boss agreed but then this other guy that works with us says "oh...she'll find a man!"

I kind of looked at him and said "and what if she doesn't? Is that o.k. too?" He was embarrassed and sheepishly said "well, she used to babysit our kids..." As if that was the holy grail of finding a husband!

This has stuck with me all day because apparently in his world - as in most - there's something wrong with those of us that have not been fortunate enough to journey this world with a significant other. There must be something wrong with me (I'm fat, I like football, I have a bad attitude) as in his eyes - it's NORMAL for everyone to find someone and then life goes on.

I am working on forgiving him for his shallowness and having blinders on what God can do through even those of us who are single.

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