Wednesday, January 02, 2008


There's nothing that strikes fear in my heart more than a late night phone call. I lay there and play out scenarios in my head of who has died or who is in the hospital. This probably stems from my childhood days when my dad was pastor of a large church in Eugene and he would get late night calls of people sleeping and drinking and doing other lewd and lascivious acts on church property. He would have to get out of bed and go down there. We did not live close and I never understood why his name was on the list.

So, last night...I'm laying there trying to deal with this surge of bad news that awaits me on the end of this phone call. I go and see the caller i.d. on the cell phone and it's a "wrong number" or number I don't recognize and have not been able to identify using all of my collection techniques.

So, MR/MS 425-223-3745 - you are dead to me and your number is published for all the world to see! At least all six people that may read my blog.


holly said...

Is that what those calls were? I remember the calls but I was too young to know what they were. Awesome.

RED said...

Dude - call him back - what if it was a seahawk player - you totally could have missed your chance!

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