Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Call me crazy

You all can call me crazy...but I went online and looked at clothes at The Gap today. I have not been able to fit anything other than Old Navy plus size, or Lane Bryant for probably 10 even looking was kind of hard.

I also may purchase a pair of carpi pants that I found. Call them "goal" pants or 10 lb pants or whatever...but something to motivate me to keep going. I just need them in my hand - with a different label - one that says "The Gap".

I was up at WW by .4 (point four) yesterday. It's probably the latte I drank right before weighing in...but it still stymies my conscious when I see the + before the number.

I didn't really even have NSV's this week. I drank tons of water, exercised my arse off and still...PLUS .4!!

It's a journey...a marathon journey and it helps that even the skinny girls there that I talk to struggle with the same issues that I do. I love it still and it so helps to have the accountability of Theology Mom.

I'll let you know about the Gap pants. I'm not sure if I'm that brave yet.

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TheologyMom said...

Go for it! We all need tangible goals that are not really scale related....

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