Sunday, January 06, 2008

Weekend Highlights

Here are a few snippets of weekend highlights:

-Friday night started it off right with dinner with Hillary and my BFF and her cute family just home from California. It was fun to sit at Claim Jumper and chat.

-Did not go the gym Friday, Saturday or's still a possibility today, but this quilt I'm under is just too cozy.

-Worked at Mosaic yesterday. It was nice to see that I had not lost my skills after so much time off. Also realized how much I love that place and what it "does" for the community of faith I belong to-it allows a place of service to random strangers and golfers.

-Watched the Seahawks beat the Redskins. We were at Holly's and ALL had Seahawks gear on (including my dad). It was one of the most fun days I've had in a long while. We were up and down and yelling and screaming and finally celebrated with hot dogs and burgers! What a game!!

-Went to dinner with my friends from the UW. We get together about once every 8 weeks or so and remember how thankful we are that we no longer work there under that "regime". Sorry Kyra...the five year plan has you outta there shortly!

-Participated in the 2008 Wesley Covenant service today at church.

-Laughed when while at Chili's today after church, the waiter asks me and my nephew Brent what we'd like to drink by saying "What can I get you ladies to drink?" Brent and his long and luxurious red hair, did not appreciate it. He said "Now I'm getting a high & tight." The waiter was very embarrassed and called him "bud" the entire rest of the time.

-Praying that my dad will get the job he's interviewing for tomorrow (Corporate training). It's a lot of money that they need!

-Now will head into the evening watching the Chargers and the Titans, looking at school work and wishing the quarter did not start tomorrow!


TheologyMom said...

Um, hello...dinner with your BFF and her family (sans one son) on Friday night???

Red Letter girl said...

Read it has been duly updated with all apologies!! ;)

Kate said...

I'm so glad we got together this weekend - I don't get to see you near enough! Good luck with the start of your quarter! I'm already looking forward to our next dinner date!

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