Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Here ya go Anonymous!

Last night at the store I was behind a young woman who had several things in her cart. She told the checker that she only had $27.00 (cash) and if she was going to go over that, she didn't want her celery.

Well, she got to the celery and had already rung up $26.00 (it appeared as if she were making homemade chicken soup as she had chicken, stock, noodles, etc) and so couldn't afford to pay for her celery.

She paid for her order and I said "I'll get your celery for you" and she looked at me and the checker looked at me, all very confused. I said again "I'll get the celery for you." She looked at me and said "Wow, Thanks a lot!"

It was $2.18.

Is that living the words I preach? Man I sure hope it is...


holly said...

I'm proud of you red letter girl. Good job! I know for certain that you live HIS words everyday of your life. You bless my heart.

Anonymous said...

Pay it forward. I was the receipt of a "Pass the Cheer" in December at Starbucks. It was really nice and I was blessed to get a coffee. Way to go Heidi. Rita

Anonymous said...

Ok I'm seriously tired. I meant to say recipient not receipt. Must get more sleep. Rita

Red Letter girl said...

I miss you Rita! We need to get together for TACOS!! I will drive to Monroe :)

Anonymous said...

I would really like you to come see our new home. Miss you too. It really isn't too far in the woods to come to Monroe. I mean we are really moving up in Monroe. They just opened a Lowes. As a new home owner that is just like exciting. Hope to see you soon. Rita

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