Sunday, February 03, 2008

Cheater cheater bread pudding eater

For the first time since January 8th, 2008...I cheated. I really went all out and cheated. I went to the Ram with a girlfriend from work and ate fajitas and bread pudding. It was soooo good and we shared and didn't eat the whole thing. Still, according to WW - it's 13 points. So, add that to the fajitas and the rest of the stuff I ate yesterday and a whopping 10 extra points were used. I did work out...but still....

I am not sure how today will end up - so far so good however. I'll have to wait until game time to see if those Sweet Maui onion chips will call my name.

I still feel good about the whole experience. I don't feel horrible about it - I planned the cheat meal and knew what I was going to eat. I went in knowing...and had some semblance of a plan. Plus, it's still three days away from weigh in. I can always resort to two-a-days to get down a few pounds.


TheologyMom said...

We all have to cheat every once in'll be fine. Have fun at the Superbowl party...

jenzug said...

I think the important thing is that you went in with a plan and stuck with the plan, even if you were going over your points.

So much of overeating is emotional, reactionary, and out of control - like now, for instance, as I eat a bag of pita chips while cleaning the kitchen. They just happened to be left over from our party and bam! I get sucked in. That's very different scenario from going into an evening out, setting boundaries, and sticking to them.

For me, the hard part is not allowing the "cheat" to turn into a landslide once my cravings have been whetted.

Diane said...

Yeah, but it was WORTH it, right? Next time we won't eat so much. Eat less, drink more. Heh.

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