Saturday, February 16, 2008

Babysitting Weekend - it's what us single gals do

This weekend the kid sister and I have been babysitting and currently, instead of minding our two charges...we're blogging and watching Food Network. The kids are fine. They're around here somewhere.

I love kids. I really do - even though the hard candy shell would say otherwise. I especially love these two. For some reason, they crack me up. Will is very much a boy and loves to play trains, Optimus Prime, and Pokeman. He is also very loving and loves his booty spanked (in love of course). He climbs all over you and then says "can I kiss you?" What could be better?

Then there's Lora. She is hilarious and loves to play dolls, or just sit in your lap. She has the mind of a steel trap and remembers everything you ever said to her EVER. This can be good and bad. It's hard to put her off because she'll remember it and then you're on the hook. Christa once said that due to her lack of sight, the enormous amounts of information she takes in and processes would boggle our minds. Since a lot of our sensory information is processed through vision, we can only imagine what she must do simply to make sense of her surroundings. She is so fun and funny and it's never a dull moment with her. She loved her Valentine Barbie and is now taking a bath with it while I still blog and still watch t.v.

Don't worry, the kid sister is down there. I'm glad to be part of these kids lives and maybe...just maybe...make an imprint on their hearts.


TheologyMom said...

Thanks for watching them...and loving them. They love you back...I think they'll be more than happy to help take care of you when you're old...

It was nice to get away for the evening, but also nice to come home and know that they were well taken care of...

Melissa B. said...

hey, fellow alumnus... just 'tagged' you on my blog. Go check it out under "Random 7"

Red Letter girl said...

I wish I knew what any of that meant...I'm not a "smart" blogger!

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