Thursday, February 07, 2008

Get taxes done...check

I filed my taxes today..while at work. I was bored and turbo tax sends me my sign-on name like every two I thought "what the heck...let's see how much I will owe the IRS this year."

Lo & behold...I don't owe anything! I'm actually getting money back. Now, mind you I took an ungodly amount of money from every 401(b) I've ever had just to survive this year and had to pay some equally ungodly penalties..but I'm still getting some money back...just in time to spend it in Paris! It sucks to change jobs, leaving behind the comfort and security of a high paying State job to be able to do your taxes in the middle of the day and leave at 3:30 to go work out.

On another note...

I am excited that Barack Obama is coming to Seattle tomorrow! I have friends who are going - but alas, I will be "working" or something resembling work. I've heard predictions that there may be upwards of 10,000 people at his rally. Amazing!

Then Saturday, I head out to caucus for the first time. I even talked to my mom about it and may have convinced her too, if she wasn't babysitting my 100 year old granny. I told her she'll still have a chance if she wants. I was proud of her for stepping outside of the "red" zone and into the fray. She is awesome.

It kind of looks like Barack is looking at Lady Elaine...they look good together. Possible running mate?

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TheologyMom said...

According to someone I know who was there...there were 18,000 inside the Arena and 3,000 outside wanting in...quite a turn out!

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