Tuesday, February 12, 2008

They make me get on the scale and I say NO NO NO

So, I guess if you're a drugged out singer with bad hair and bad eyeshadow you win a grammy - who knew! Anywho...

I don't want to weigh tonight. The scale has stayed exactly the same all week - which is not a good sign as the WW scale weighs heavier than my home scale. So, it's not good. I logged 240 activity minutes this week too. I cheated only on the weekend - maybe two meals. I'm at the frustrating (a.k.a. quitting point) as I'm doing the "right" stuff and it's not showing up anywhere.

That's where I'm at.


Melissa B. said...

First of all...e-mail me when you feel like this! I'll pray you through it from the frigid lands of Indiana. melissa at baldwin bulletin dot net . Second... I think I'm going to blog today (if I find a quick minute) about some great low point snacks and things that I've found since I started this whole thing on New Years. Just remember...in the words of the illustrious Barack Obama...YES YOU CAN!!!!!

Melissa B. said...

Oh...and you do have to admit that Amy Winehouse has a cool texture to her voice that's unique...she is pretty skanky though.

TheologyMom said...

Just use your "free pass" and don't weigh if you don't want...come up for the free dinner if nothing else and for the comraderie of your BFF who can't do this without you!!!

TheologyMom said...

BTW, on Amy Winehouse...did you watch her on the Grammy's? I do love her voice though she seems to be a train wreck...and her backup singers/dancers were awesome!

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