Saturday, February 23, 2008

A chubby girl's guide to hiking (always bring T.P.!)

The past two weekends the kid sister, her dog Griffey and I have gone out on nature hikes around the Puget Sound. Last weekend we hiked the Preston-Snoqualmie trail all the way to the end. There was a lovely view of the Falls and the Lodge and I couldn't help but wish I was inside, eating a 4-course country breakfast with a Chocolate Pot. If you've never been...GO!!

Anyhow, that was a three mile - two hour jaunt and the last forty minutes was all up hill. My rear-end was sore for three days. Being the novice hikers that we are, we failed to bring any water or peanuts with us.

Today, we went to Cougar Mountain and hiked Trail W1 - four miles round trip. This time we brought energy drinks and water. So about 2.5 miles in I had to stop and made the mistake of drinking my entire energy drink all at one time. I made it about another .5 of a mile and then all hell(or should I say all my bowels) broke loose! I ran into the woods, asked the kid sister if she could see me, grabbed a branch and squatted! Whew...

Needless to say I left a piece of myself behind on Cougar Mountain. I need to always remember to bring a small bit of t.p. with me on each and every nature hike. Words to the wise.

Next's a surprise, but I get to pick the hiking spot.


Diane said...

Eeek. Doesn't sound fun. I'll remember your tip if or when I go on a hike anytime soon.
Look what I did today:
Woot! I'm excited. :)

Anonymous said...

Didn't I give you a package of wipes in your "Emergency Kit"? And a roll of TP? Mom knows best, you know.

Lori said...

okay i finally did my "tag"


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