Monday, February 11, 2008

Great Purge & Weight Loss of 2008

I watched Oprah the other night and the show was about organizing your clutter. This was a novel concept until the author (Peter Walsh) on the show suggested that the clutter in my house could be contributing to why I am fat. His book is called "Does this Clutter Make my Butt Look Fat." Catchy...real catchy. You gotta love a book that features the author's full picture on the front cover.

This was an interesting concept. Therefore, if you declutter, it would stand to reason then that the weight would come off. Lo & behold, the family they featured decluttered and started the weight loss journey.

I see some of that in my own home. I have clutter. Not bad clutter but a lot of crap that needs to be either removed, stored, tossed, donated or re-purposed. I have taken inspiration from my blog friends to do this but didn't make it very far. Yet, if it's contributing to my weight gain (or making me fat) then I want to get rid of it pronto!

Pop psychology? Maybe. However, I now have two huge Rubber Maid tubs to take to the Goodwill next time I go to Seattle!

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jen said...

I saw a commercial for that and meant to watch - but forgot. My assumption is that it's not an IF you have clutter THEN you are fat statement, but rather you have a mindset of consuming and hording.

At least that's how I see it, because as soon as I saw that commercial and then read your post, I was like AH-HA! The clutter in my MIND is affecting EVERYTHING, including my weight.

Wow. Thanks for sharing. May have to blog about this too. :)

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