Sunday, June 04, 2006

Marriage Sunday

Leave it to the Christianists to deem today "Marriage Protection Sunday." Several websites that will never be mentioned on this blog have sent out calls to action to all Churches to provide leadership and to motivate Americans to make their voices heard to fight for traditional marriage...puke! Maybe we should also repeal women's right to vote while we're at it.

Why can't these same people send out a call to feed the impoverished, love the little forgotten kids in foster care, or to speak out against the violence in Uganda? I have never once heard James Dobson ask me to fight against racism in the South or Tony Perkins tell me to mount up a campaign to stop the injustice against the poor in America. I also have never heard Pat Robertson tell me to feed anything, except his coffers. When that day comes, perhaps I'll also hear the final trumpet call.


twitsville said...

Nothing makes me more angry at the stupid "church of today" more than this so-called battle. Are we really that lame and ignorant? Do we not hear God shouting at us to knock it off? There are so many more important things today's church should be doing. We do not claim the power of God, instead we piss it away with ticky-tack campaigns such as anti-gay marriage rallies. And there are intelligent Christians who buy into this load of crap and think that they are holier for doing such! My fingers can barely type fast enough...I'm so frustrated that this is the church that everyone sees, and because I call myself a Christian then I am assumed to be anti-gay, anti-feminist, anti-(you fill in the blank). There is not a doubt in my mind that God is ashamed of this type of action and that he is sad that we don't focus our energy and resources on the things that really matter and that he really does tell us to fix like everything you mentioned: poor, hungry, disenfranchised, etc.

Then I have to point the finger back at myself and say what am I doing to help those that God calls us to help. Crap. My words are meaningless...but I still hate the church of ignorance and discrimination. Forgive me.

Red Letter girl said...

I don't think it's the "church" as an entire's Christianists (i.e. idiots that make money on FEAR) who are behind this. The church doesn't know what else to do...lead, follow or get outta the way and there isn't anyone strong enough to stand and lead against the Power of the Christianists.

Did you know that it was this same fear that caused the anti-integration of American schools in the 40's? "They" thought that if schools integrated, black men would be in the same room with white women and that the black men would not be able to control themselves. Stupid stupid stupid. This is why I'm so against these "men of faith" who promote fear and hatred.

I feel your anger - but also think the church is not entirely at fault

Anonymous said...

I understand that this last Sunday was a big push in some congrations to get the petitions signed for Tim Eyman's latest initiative - Let's Vote on Civil Rights. It's wrong and I'm outraged but I don't where the line between church and politics is drawn.

Everybody knows that the Quackers in the South were huge in the abolotionist movement and that Dr.Martin Luther King Jr used to frequently meet in churches to have organizaing meetings. Which just shows that when chuch and politics meet it can sometimes be a beautiful thing right?

Red Letter girl said...

I think in the 60's King had no other forum - there was no place that he (as a black man) could go and organize and meet except the church, so yes, beautiful things do and can happen.

I too question where the line is drawn and love to think about it...until we can DO what Jesus says DO...we have no business in politics. Just a thought.

Thanks, anonymous, for your thoughts and I have a feeling we'll be talking more "openly" soon! :-)

Katie K said...

What bothers me most about preachers, such as Pat Robertson, is that they seem to think they have some sort of connection with God that us common folk do not. Are we to believe that God is telling these preachers that it is more important to regulate who we love instead of taking care of the least of His people? I agree with you, Heidi, that these people are making a living off of fear. Jesus came to Earth to show us how much God loves us. We should be in awe of God, not fearing Him.

Just my random, rambling thought on the subject...

Red Letter girl said...

Katie make some very valid points. I have often been sad that I don't have the same connection as these Godly(?) men seem to have to God.

God has never once told me that an entire city will come under judgment if they don't do what Pat says. Scary...very scary!

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