Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Getting to know you

I got this from another blogger - it's interesting. If you comment - maybe answer some of these questions. It's fun

1. List three words that describe your faith:
organic, evolving and compelling

2. Describe one belief about which you are very certain and one belief with which you struggle.
One certain belief: Jesus loves me
One belief I struggle with: Jesus loves me?

3. What is your mission in life?
Love Jesus, love my neighbor: purposefully. Maybe feed a few poor people

4. Describe one thing that interferes with you authentically living out your faith.
Me, myself and I - my self-addiction

5. What is your favorite OT story? Why?
When the kids are eaten by a bear for making fun of the prophet Elisha. Why? I don't know...It's sadistic yet funny. I also think they should make a Veggie Tale out of this story.

6. What is your favorite NT story? Why?
It's not a story...It's an action: Matthew 26:46 - Jesus in Gethsemane- hearing the soldiers coming for him he tells his disciples to "rise...Let us go." It's amazing that he goes willingly to be crucified and I love him for that!

7. Describe a meaningful action you took because of your faith.
This is a story that is yet to be written. I usually only take meaningful actions because of self-addiction - not faith.

8. Does your faith differ from that of your parents? If so, how?
No, my parents get it - It just took me awhile to catch up.

9. Who or what was most important in the development of your faith?
Something that is important in my faith journey is the joy of talking out my issues or faith struggles with fellow followers of Christ. My sister is always up for a good theological debate, so are MW & CW and of course my parents. Discussing stuff that is sometimes too scary to bring up in public or that may be theologically weird (i.e. doing what the red letters say do, or what if there's no hell?) probably wouldn't go over too well in Sunday School - so having a group of "safe" people is crucial to my faith journey!

10. Pass this on - it's fun and we get to know one another!

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