Sunday, June 18, 2006

Are you content?

I go into churches and everyone seems to feel so good about themselves.
Everyone calls themselves a Christian nowadays. How dare we call ourselves
Christians? It's only for Jesus to decide whether we are Christian or not. I
don't think he's made a decision in my case and I'm afraid that when he does I
am going to be sent straight to hell. I don't feel I can call myself a
Christian. I can't be satisfied with myself. We all seem to be pretty contented
with ourselves in church and that makes me sick. I think all this contentment
makes Jesus nervous.
Robert Coles - Wittenburg Door

A friend of mine talks about being in the tension of wanting to do what Jesus says to do and yet purposely, still not doing it The desire is strong to act in love, but the flesh is's a tough spot to be in and the only way to get out of this tension is to do what Jesus says to do...whether that's loving someone you don't want to, staying in a job you don't like, giving money you don't want to give or helping out a neighbor or friend when it's not convenient. Thankfully we get to be in the tension - for how long? How long can we be in the tension before we're required to act? For now, I am living in the tension. Purposely knowing what to do, wanting to do it and not doing it...sounds an awful lot like sin.

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The Twit said...

This reminds me of Ellie. This morning before I left for work she was wearing her older brother's shorts, which are three sizes to big. I told her that she was not to wear her brother's shorts to school. I repeated it to her three times to make sure she understood me. When I picked her up from gym today she was still wearing her brother's shorts. I told her that she was disobedient, and she crossed her arms against her chest and said, "so!". What am I to do with this. She's ten years old and deliberately disobedient and doesn't care when I call her on it. This must be how God feels when we sit back and knowingly refuse to do what it is that he tells us. Bummer, it sucks.

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