Tuesday, June 06, 2006


I'm trying to be a red letter girl today and it's hard. Work is weighing heavy on my mind and heart and even 3 Advil doesn't help! Maybe I need something stronger. :-)

I was thinking about the panic that the news media reports regarding this day: 6-6-06. Some US women are refusing to give birth today, some may be trying to give birth today. I think it's a cool day to be born.

Talked to my little sister in Kuwait today. I am thankful for technology that allows us to be virtual sisters...meaning we can communicate instantly. She is doing well and told me about her new cat Louie. (After Vuitton of course). I asked her about some jobs over there.

Sorry for the random thoughts today...I didn't want my other sister to have heart failure so I'll leave out my comments on the new Video game that the creators of the "Left Behind" series are coming out with...maybe I'll comment on it someday. I would worry that the creators of this game may be left behind so they should really study their own game to know who to kill and who to forgive.


twitocrates said...

Thanks for not giving me heart failure today! Do you think I will go to hell if I go to see the movie, "The Omen"? Just wondering.

Red Letter girl said...

Dear twitocrates,

I love your name btw...but if we go to hell for watching scary movies, than I'm first in line...cause the Exorcist is one of my favs!

Anonymous said...

I had a test that ran today at 06/06/06 06:06:06. It passed BTW.

Red Letter girl said...

I don't believe you were actually doing anything at 6:06:06?? You're becoming more like the RLG if you wake up that early!

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