Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Happy Birthday Hokey

It's my brother-in-laws 35th birthday today. He is awesome and I'll tell you a little story about him.

I met him when he and my sister were dating. He was probably 19 at the time and used to drive a red Ford Fiesta with like 37 Rockford Fosgate 12's in the back so we always knew he was coming down the street. I used to see his car parked in front of our house and did not want to come home cause I knew he was there. I didn't like him. I didn't like him because I didn't know him...and I was jealous that my twit sister had a boyfriend with a cool car and cool hair and I was alone.

One day my family had to move under not so swell circumstances. Hokey (that's what we call him) took the day off and used his company van to help us move. We had such a fun day together and I had never seen him be such a selfless person before and can honestly tell you that to this day he is always willing to help me anytime...with anything. SELFLESSLY...he models Jesus more than I do and I'm ashamed.

He is an awesome dad to Brent & Ellie and he works very hard at his job. He even stops on the side of the road to help old ladies in broken down cars. He is also really good at poker. If he would only like cats he'd be the perfect man.

I often apologize (and remind him) that when he married Holly he got me as a wife too (without benefits ha ha). It just works out that way.

I love him very much and thank Jesus that I know him and that my sister was wise beyond her 18 years to marry him. Thanks Holly and thanks Hokey.
Happy birthday. I love you.


Magaw said...

I would like to add my Amen to all the good things about Hokey. I am one of the "little old ladies" who has been stuck on the side of the road. Who ya gonna call? - HOKEY! I will always remember when our beloved cat, Gray, was hit by a car. We were all hysterical. Hokey picked him up lovingly, wrapped him in a special blanket, and buried him in our backyard. He even presided at the funeral. See, he does love cats! And I love him, for this and many other reasons. I am blessed to have the 2 best sons-in-law on the planet.

Red Letter girl said...

Leave it to mom to make us all cry! Sorry I don't have another son-in-law to add to your collection. Maybe someday....

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