Thursday, June 01, 2006

Random soccer aunt thoughts

I am a soccer Aunt. Tonight I'm taking my nephew to his goalie camp at a really cool sports complex near our house. It's a really great place all about soccer. There are fields indoor and outdoor and a gathering place for people to share food and drinks and watch soccer. The complex is huge and well thought out and I'm excited to just be there. The pinball is fun too.

I was awed by this community of people all brought together by the love of this game and that they will drive from near and far to congregate here. They are excited to be here and to play and talk about the game! They dress in their gear and even if they're not playing, they look like they should be. (Yes, I was out of place!!)

It got me thinking about a community that comes together for the love of Jesus. I don't know of anyplace that I can go and simply hang out with other followers of Christ and just talk or play or eat together....and we're all there for the love of Jesus. Church serves this purpose somewhat and I certainly look forward to Sunday mornings - but this place is more than a once-a-week place - it's energy and play and eating and community!

I think that a place of community for follower's of Christ is something long overdue. A place where we share a common love of Jesus and learning to love one another. Having coffee would also be welcome!

Starting down a new road at our church that I am excited about and hope that it will offer this "community" it seems we are so desperately seeking. Stay tuned!


Katie said...

I agree there is something special that happens when people come together as a community to live in the love of the Lord. My time at the College of St. Benedict is so incredibly special to was amazing to be a part of a community that has come together to live in the Lord, whether it be learning together, eating together, playing together, or worshipping together, it was all done in a spirit of Christain love. I have never felt so loved and supported by a group of people. I long for relationships like that again!

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