Thursday, September 20, 2007

Granny is 100!

My grandma turned 100 today. She was born on September 20, 1907!! She is an amazing woman (much like my mother) and has seen and lived through some interesting times. She played the violin and wanted to be a Missionary Doctor. She went to the UW for a little bit in the 20's. She grew up on Queen Anne Hill in a house built by her father, my great grandfather - and had a sister (Aunty Lou who had an affair with a doctor and was "killed" on the railroad tracks in a car with him! SCANDEL!! I love her!) and two brothers - one who died at a young age of TB. Her other brother, Roland, lived in Washington D.C. and used to travel around with his eccentric wife in a motor home.

She married Ben Welch, my very handsome grandfather and they had four kids-three girls and one boy. My mom is the youngest. They lived their whole life on 13th Street in Ballard/Crown Hill and then she moved to a house by the water right before my grandpa died.

I remember them coming to visit us often but my fondest memories are of going to her house for the holidays. This was such a passion for our family that one particularly crappy year we lived in California, we packed up one December 23 in our compact car (all 5 of us!) and drove to Granny Welch's house just so we wouldn't miss her on Christmas. I really didn't want to miss her Chocolate Christmas cookies that she makes every year from a recipe from her mother.

She also loved to go to the mall. Month-end at The Bon was her favorite. Shopping was something she was very good at and I like to think I take after her in that area. Holly got the ankles...I get the shopping gene.

There is something about her...she has never commented on my weight, tattoos, spending habits, or hair color. She has loaned me more money, without question, than I can ever repay. She loves me unconditionally. She does make sure I love Jesus though - and we still talk to this day about Him and our relationship with Him.

I am proud and grateful for this legacy. The Lord puts us in families and I'm so grateful that I got mine!!


magaw said...

I called her this morning and sang her the "birthday song". She got the giggles, as usual. Her body is wearing out, but her spirit is as strong as ever, and she really enjoys life. Long live Granny!!

Red Letter girl said...

I called her too and she kept reminding me of what a cute baby I was and how she remembers holding me when I was newborn in KC - while mom was driving...probably to the mall. She always called me her bisque doll...and lo and behold she did today too.

It was funny.

holly said...

I didn't call because I am a wretched granddaughter. Maybe she'll forgive me since I named my daughter after her. She truly is a Godly woman and I am honored to be her granddaughter. Incidently I saw an online article about a man who just turned 112. I think that Granny should hook up with him.

TheologyMom said...

Granny Welch always brought my mom the most beautiful little roses to church every Sunday...very sweet.

I will always thank her for telling me that she thought I would be friends with her granddaughter and telling Heidi the same...she was right. Happy Birthday!!

RED said...

now wait a second? Do I know granny Welch? Did she go to aurora? I seem to remember a lady bringing baggies with tiny roses to church.

holly said...

Yes, she went to Aurora and she would bring baggies or little pink roses from her garden. She's famous!

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