Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Take me to the edge

Today is my one-year anniversary at Rainier Christian Schools. Faithful blog readers will remember my painful blogs as I was learning this system and how bored I was for many weeks - until I got to know the people and the systems and now it's a groove. Grooves are nice.

I was talking to my big boss (Mr. Superintendent) and we were talking about people who have everything in life (seemingly) handed to them and have never once had to rely on God's provision or grace. These are people like my Aunt, my baby rose cousin, and this other guy we work with. Now, mind you, this is OUR perception as I'm sure they have suffered their own small (pitiful?) trials and tribulations. Blair was saying that these people have never walked to the edge. Not to mention stepped off the edge..but never even come close to the edge. They are conservative, and I don't mean conservative Christians or in the political sense like they only vote for Bush - they are scared.

Scared Christians. They don't trust Jesus enough to get out of the boat, walk to the edge, open a coffee house, take a $14,000 pay cut, ask for healing from cancer, provide for a school district $500,000 in the hole. They have never had to rely on Jesus too much. Yet they love him just the same and they have a relationship with him.

I don't get it. I'm just glad he called me to the edge and asked me to jump. It has been a year of struggle, monetarily mostly...but I've made it thanks to friends, parents, sisters, financial aid and cashing out some retirement. It's still a struggle...but I've jumped and some of the best people I know have also jumped and it's a fun ride down!


twitty said...

Since I'm in the Disney mode I'd say that your blog reminds me of the Tower of Terror. Plunging 29 million stories to the earth, but it's fun!

Wiseman said...

I use "Edge" shaving cream...

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