Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sorry CW!

I find that I usually freak out on Sundays. I want everything and everyone to be happy and enjoy their time and worship and I tend to tense up if things don't go as planned. I had to bring Brent & Ellie and they wanted to bring friends which was great, but different and unexpected. Now I'm confessing a down side to my steller personality here so please, go easy on me.

So, today we started Sunday School which was great but I found my freaky old crabby church lady personality coming out. I wanted everything to be good and right and I freaked and didn't even make Christa a drink because I didn't want it to be "LOUD", my bestest (yes, I said it!!) friend in the world... So, for this I apologize and will make hers first every Sunday.

Then we went to church and my sister was no where to be seen - either of them! It was such a great service - the singing, the readings, everything really just was excellent and I realized that I can just relax and let things happen and everyone will be fine.

We even had a good bored meeting. It was fun and I'm getting excited for the 100th anniversary - never thought I'd be excited for that...but I am. Mark promissed pagentry...I want pagentry!

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TheologyMom said...

Don't worry about it...I was perfectly happy with drip...thanks, BFF

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