Saturday, September 22, 2007

Sweet Baby Roses

Went to Granny's 100th birthday party today. There were so many people there! It was a very nice day to honor her and her 100 years. She didn't know who was there and you could tell she was in a daze.

My BFF went with me. It's so nice to have her to take to these events and of course My Little BFF went too (Lora) and she was a hit. I usually hate these kinds of events, but once I got there, it was like old times and it was nice to see everyone again. I miss those people and it is true that the kids grow so fast!

I was thankful that my mom and sisters were there and Brent was the cutest of all the boys! I was proud of our little family amongst all the other folks there. We are good girls and we all love Jesus and try to be obedient.

All the way home, Hillary and I explained our family dynamic to Christa (who listened with rapt attention!) and it was interesting to recite the lives of these people integral to who I am, whether or not we see one another once a year or once a lifetime. Some of my family members have been through some crappy times - some of their own making and some not. I appreciate that my cousin Pete remembers what car I drive or that my cousin Steve remembers my name or that my cousin Jackie grabs my rear or that Bart wants to talk about his non-profit work. I wanted to hold Ben in my lap like I used to but he's like 6 feet 4 kind of hard.

I need to get a copy of my cousin Jeannie's song she wrote for Granny. I think it was the highlight as she's always been everyone's favorite. I'm sure there wasn't a dry eye in the house...but I'm the only doctoral candidate in the entire family So there Jeannie!


middie sissy said...

I don't need more ammunition, I've got more than I can spend.

TheologyMom said...

I only wish I could have heard the song...

magalisious said...

My eyes were dry. I know Jeannie was sincere, but it was just a little too "Norman Rockwell" for my taste. (I can get the CD if you're interested) The great thing about family is the ways we are different. And because we love each other, we smile and forgive and appreciate things about everyone, and go on loving each other. Then we'll all live to be 100 like Granny.

Wiseman said...

Magalisious - glad we are family!

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