Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Ruff Ryders 2007

I am wholly into Fantasy Football. I don't have a lot of fantasies in my life (there's one about meeting someone while on the treadmill, and another about a closet built entirely for shoes...but I digress) but my main one right now has to be FF 2007. It will make watching all the NFL games this year so worth it because I now have a hardcore stake ($10.00) in each game my player's participate in.

Here is the breakdown:
QB's - Vince Young (Tennessee) & Matty Leinart (AZ)
RB's - L.T. (YES!!), Deuce McAlister (PHILLY), Julius Jones (DAL) & D'Angelo Williams
W.R. - Chad (bad ass) Johnson (CIN), Anquan Bolden (AZ), Braylon Edwards, Joe Juravicious

Def: Chicago Bears & Dallas Cowboys
T.E. Kellen Winslow & Vernon Davis
Kickers: (The tokens) David Akers (PHILLY) & Jason Hansen (DET)

I am so excited!


RED said...

So I have one question for you then...who comes first? The Birdies or your FF players. It may be a deal breaker for me....

Red Letter girl said...

FF allows you to create the best team using all the players. It also gives me an excuse to watch every game that comes on the television - with no exception. So, there really isn't a need to choose if you will - FF is all about the dough and the domination of my football knowledge!

RED said...

Well what if one of your FF players is going against the Birdies. When I am sitting next to you, who are you going to root for? HUMMMMMMM......

Red Letter girl said...

GIRL...Have you been so long with me? (that was a direct quote from Jesus)...BIRDIES forever and always!

RED said...

Sometimes a girl just needs to hear it.... ya know?

tatupu luvr said...

Go Joe Jerivicious!!! Your defense is good. I cannot believe that you did not get Joshy Brown as your kicker. Go Birdies!

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